La dissonance gracieuse


After 11 years Varg Vikernes´ new record was released yesterday.
I have to admit that I was tired of all the rumors going on about a new cd and I even was more tired of all the little children in  Burzum´s Shoutbox.
As I am not really interested in the whole Metal attitude and Music anymore and as is one of my only music information source I ignored all the sayings about Varg and Burzum during the last couple of years.
It was until a few month ago that I heard about “Belus” and I have to admit that I had absolutely no feelings towards this record. I really like “Filosofem” and “Det som engang var” and I, from time to time, also listened to the other records. But this was it, I have never thought about a new record not to mention that if I have done so, I probabely wouldn´t have cared about it.
But now “Belus” is there and what should I say? It´s great, really great! Burzum has definately grown! Varg has got older and wiser when it comes to the music but still he managed it somehow to keep the flair of the Filosofem Burzum. When Mayhem failed with their “Ordo ad Chao” in trying to sound like ´94, Varg has done everything right. The sound is just a perfect mixture of modern Black Metal and the old primitive sound.
Furthermore it´s quite difficult for me to describe the music in words or even to categorize it (what I really like) and this shows me that this record has potential.
Fast Black Metal guitar riffs and Varg´s typical and unique voice are melting with voice samples (Kaimadalthas´ Nedstigning), guitar melodies and mesmerizing monotonie.
Varg has managed to capture an incredible atmosphere which I only can feel in a handful of other records. You totally  got me Varg and I am speechless! Great work!

Buy the record and help the children in Haiti!




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very good album but not brillant

Comment by abaddon

The album is fucking awesome…my review has been the top post on my blog for more than two weeks now!

Comment by Aditya Mehta

you are absolutely right! Belus is one hell of a record and Varg shows me that I should not give up Black Metal!

Comment by innerwille

nice review.. and everything you said is true..
As far as I am concerned, this has been a comeback that I don’t think anything metal can beat..
I am hooked on to every track..

‘Sverddans’ is the new ‘war’.. \m/

Comment by Itihas Shetty

Nice Review!

Comment by immo

Such an amazing album!

Comment by dbpedersen

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